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First off, I would like to say this. It is so crazy that you are sitting and reading my letter. The thought of you sitting somewhere in the world and reading that which I have written. I think that’s crazy and I have to admit, it means a lot to me.
But probably not as much as that feeling means for you, and how crazy and special it must be for you. “I can only imagine.”

You should know that I myself have grown up without my biological father. I have had a stepfather since I was very young, and he has been my dad until this day today and will continue to be my dad until the day I die.

But I know the identity of my biological dad, like you now do.
Whether you choose to seek me out is completely up to you. It needs to be exactly how you feel and how you feel about it.

But you should know one thing! And this I will promise you. I will always stand with open arms and be ready to meet you. Whether you want to get to know me better, tell me about your life, or if you want to hear my voice and see me. It is up to you. But I am here, positive and happy as always.

I hope you have had a wonderful life until now. A wonderful life does not necessarily have to be easy, but put a price on the hard times as well as the good times. They form who you are, and they have formed you into the person you are today.

I hope your parents have been good and have taught you about life, given you life experiences and most importantly of all. Love

You should remember this one thing, and I wish you to take this with you in life.

There will be obstacles
There will be doubters
There will be mistakes
But with hard work, and dedication
There are no limits

You can be anything you want!

Believe in yourself!
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